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    Since 2007  Monkey Bars Enterainment has provided endless entertainment for thousands of guest. We can handle everything from private backyard school corporate functions.
    Monkey Bars Entertainment is committed to proving the entire family (and guests) a fun filled evening of fun and fantasy. We can transform the the ordinary into extra-ordinary. Only a childs imagination can partake in the enchanted house of Cinderella's Castle or being overcome by the treasure of one's keep as your pirate conquers an island.
     There are a variety and style to fit any budget. We will not underestimate the consumer by dedicating ourselves to higher end units only. We are committed to be inclusive to full all out party, as well as, the budget minded individuals. We cater to corporate functions, fund raisers, birthdays, grand openings, celebrations, promotions, ......ANYTIME FUN TIME!!!
    As of September 1, 2011 the state of Texas has required all inflatables to be inspected and insured for your safety. We are committed to complying with these requirements and exceeding these demands through intensive training and workshops for our staff. With tougher regulations all companies should be able to provide a better experience.

Let the memories begin